19 April 2012

FIM/UEM 2012 Homolgated S3 chainwheels covers

The FIM/UEM homolgated chainwheels cover are available from our stock!
They are coming 2 high quality fiber stickers discs, one for internal side and one for external side.
Fit on all trial chain wheels.
Retail price for kit: 21€ + tax. ( code3)
Available from our stock.

Order today! shipment by UPS express 24h
S3 ref:Size + colorOrder Qty
CH-597-R  black-red38 to 40z, RED
CH-595-R  black-red41 to 44z, RED
CH-595-U  black-blue41 to 44z, BLUE
CH-593-R  black-red46 to 48z, RED

Do not hesitate to call me for more information.

S3 will also supply chainwheels with full stickers already fitted on.

10 April 2012

Victoire de Steeven Coquelin

Superbe performance des pilotes S3 au championnat d'Europe de trial à Valsesia ( Italie) et victoire de Steeven Coquelin (junior), Jaime Busto (Juvenil) et de Matteo Grattarolla (Europeu).
Resulats complet sur http://www.trial-club.com/webzine-trial/actualites/2011/varella/