28 November 2011

S3 Parts ACU National Trials Championship 2011

News from John Shirt, S3 parts import for UK:
S3-Parts ACU National Trials Championship 2011
As we are proud sponsors of the ‘S3 Parts Clubman ACU Trials Championship’ I agreed to give £400 (£200 each) of free S3 goodies to the overall winners of the main class and the over 40 Class.

Dan Thorpe won the main class but I said the goodies could not be won by an ‘importer supported rider’ which Dan obviously is so ive given Ricky Wiggins the goodies for the main class and Mark Hicken the goodies for the O/40 class.

See pic attached of me, Mark and Ricky taken by John Hulme at the Dirt Bike Show. If you use the pic please credit Trialmag.

Michel Kaufman, GM of S3 parts:
We are proud sponsors of these fantastic events, i personally rode the 2011 “Jack Wood trial” and keep very good memories, i really enjoy the typical “British trial spirit”.

Congratulations to the winners, and all riders of the S3-Parts ACU National Trials Championship 2011.
Thanks you to ACU, all Clubs, and all riders, and very special thanks to John Shirt and all Gasgas Uk staff!

Our partnership with ACU will continue for 2012 and I hope for years, see you in S3-Parts ACU National Trials Championship 2012.

22 November 2011

Hooded S3 soft shell jacket

Hooded S3 soft shell jacket. 100% PROTECTION AGAINST WIND, RAIN,
SNOW AND COLD 3 Layer Soft Shell technology is a perfect combination of
5 different performances: abrasion-resistant, WATERPROOF, water repellant,
BREATHABLE and thermo isolating. STRETCH. Perfect to ride Trial in ALL
weathers. Black, logos s3 embroded.

Veste S3 Soft Shell avec capuche démontable, PROTECTION 100% CONTRE
LE VENT, LA PLUIE, LA NEIGE ET LE FROID. La technologie Soft Shell en 3
couches offre une combinaison parfaite de résistance à l’abrasion, 100% imperméable,
déperlant, respirant et thermo-isolant. Idéal pour rouler en moto dans
TOUTES les conditions météo, Noire, logos S3 brodés.

Chaqueta S3 Soft Shell con capucha desmontable. PROTECCIÓN 100%
Shell de 2 capas ofrece una combinación de resistencia a la abrasión, 100%
IMPERMEABLE, TRANSPIRABLE y thermo-isolante. Ideal para la práctica de la
moto en TODAS las condiciones. Negra, Logos S3 bordados.

07 November 2011

Pants S3 “Hardrock”

Pants S3 “Hardrock”: for trial, enduro, and
free time. 2 laterals and 1 front pocket with
zips. 2 internals pockets and foam protection
on knees. Zip and adjustable low parts to fit
with the boots. Nylon belt. Try it!

Pants S3 “Hardrock”: super cómodo para
trial, enduro y moto-alpinismo. Bolsillos interiores
y protección de rodilla. 2 bolsillos
laterales y 1 bolsillo frontal con cremalleras.
Cierres bajos con botones y cremalleras para
mejor ajuste con las botas. Cinturón. Muy

Pantalons S3 “Hard-Rock” : super confortable
pour trial, enduro, et randonnées. Poches
interieures et protections mousse aux genoux,
2 poches laterales et 1 poche avant avec fermeture
éclair. Pression et fermeture éclair pour
adjuster parfaitement la partie basse sur les bottes.
Ceinture nylon. L’essayer c’est l’adopter!